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Residential Cleaning

Northwest Cleaners is available to make the process of house cleaning easier than you ever imagined. We work around your schedule to keep your home clean so you can spend your time focusing on the things that are important in your life.

Social engagements, sporting events, school functions and work all start to infringe heavily upon the time that was previously spent keeping the house clean. If you are like most households you would rather hire a skilled cleaning company than completely change your lifestyle.

We strive to create the perfect customized plan for your needs. We pay attention to all of the small details that other companies overlook. Our highly trained staff is extremely skilled at thoroughly cleaning every inch of your home to make absolutely certain that you get the clean home that you and your family deserve.

house cleaningWe are able to help with any job whether large or small to keep your home clean. We are delighted to set up cleaning schedules for weekly, monthly and even more often if you desire. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Knowing that there is an option available to help you keep your home fresh and clean without spending a fortune and without having to rearrange your entire schedule makes it possible to really enjoy the time that you have with your friends and family and still not break your budget.

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Green Cleaning

With the large move towards a greener lifestyle in recent years, we encourage you to see just how easy it is to move to green cleaning. Working with you it is possible to create the perfect cleaning schedule that is not only affordable and effective, but also extremely environmentally friendly.

Why do we use it?

The cleaning techniques used at Northwest Cleaners require much less water than other cleaning methods used by our competitors. To achieve this, our
mops and cloths are made of microfiber material, so they absorb minimal water to achieve maximum cleanliness. Less water usage saves you money in
the long run. The chemicals used are green seal certified, which achieves that green lifestyle you are seeking. We are proud to say that we aim to be environmentally friendly in every green cleaning aspect. We would love to help you transition to a greener cleaning schedule, and we will continue to produce the high standards of cleaning you expect from Northwest Cleaners.

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