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Move In and Move Out Cleaning

At Northwest Cleaners we specialize in move in and move out cleaning in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Whether you have apartments, businesses, houses or a home that needs cleaning after tenants move out, before you move in or after you move out, we are here to take away the burden of move in and move out cleaning.

We specialized in high scale, apartment building move out cleaning. If you need move out cleaning for your apartment units give us a call today so we can show you why Northwest Cleaners is the best solution for your apartment unit move out cleaning.

The task of moving is always a huge job. Let us help make your move so much easier. By providing a complete move out cleaning service we can help to ensure that your apartment, home or business is spotless top to bottom.

Utilizing our professional and fully trained staff to clean, you are able to get the peace of mind that your home, apartment or building will be spotless and clean – ready for the next move in. Freeing up your time and offering top notch cleaning service is our priority.

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Green Cleaning

With the large move towards a greener lifestyle in recent years, we encourage you to see just how easy it is to move to green cleaning. Working with you it is possible to create the perfect cleaning schedule that is not only affordable and effective, but also extremely environmentally friendly.

Why do we use it?

The cleaning techniques used at Northwest Cleaners require much less water than other cleaning methods used by our competitors. To achieve this, our
mops and cloths are made of microfiber material, so they absorb minimal water to achieve maximum cleanliness. Less water usage saves you money in
the long run. The chemicals used are green seal certified, which achieves that green lifestyle you are seeking. We are proud to say that we aim to be environmentally friendly in every green cleaning aspect. We would love to help you transition to a greener cleaning schedule, and we will continue to produce the high standards of cleaning you expect from Northwest Cleaners.

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